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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Here is the standard pricing for different types of Bodywork I offer.  For complete list of services, click here:  SERVICES

  • Bodywork:  Increase your serenity or invigorate and renew yourself using techniques drawn from such massage methods as Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Somatic Movement Therapy while incorporating Myofascial Release, Myotherapy, and Shiatsu principals as needed. Have the flexibility to mix techniques or you can concentrate on one.  Reflexology and Somatic Movement Therapy do have their own exclusive bookable services.

0.5 Hour       $ 35.00

1.0 Hour       $ 65.00

1.5 Hours      $ 95.00

2.0 Hours      $125.00

  • Advanced Circulatory:  Modified techniques based on Swedish and Sports Massage principles together with Lymphatic principles come together in a potent combination that can greatly improve lymph function, support immune system, and increase oxygen to tissue. With regular treatment, many people find that chronic body aches improve and they start actually detoxifying through their skin during session.
    NOTE: Always allow for a total 1.5 hours so that treatment can be properly finished and you get the most benefit possible.

1 session lasting between 1hr. 15 min. to 1 hr. 30 min.   $ 80.00

  • Pregnancy Massage and Infant Massage Instruction:  Assist yourself and your baby throughout the pregnancy with calming massage which helps the both of you.  Continue your baby’s healthy start after birth with the bonding Infant Massage Instruction which is great for Dads as well.  Do it together with your new baby!

1.0 Hour       $  80.00

1.5 Hours      $ 110.00

2.0 Hours      $ 135.00

  • In-Home Therapy:  Please confirm which therapies are available in the convenience of your own home.  Minimum session length and other restriction may apply.  Depending on travel distance and services provided, additional fees of $35 and up may apply.
  • Extras:  You can add extra time in 5 minutes increments.  In most cases it will only cost you $1 per minute.  You can also add aromatherapy to the session for an extra $15.  I work with a limited number of aromatherapy oils so please contact me first to make sure I can provide what you are looking for. 

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