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Booking, Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Currently I book by appointment only.  Please call me at 949-443-9268 and leave a message.  I will be more than happy to arrange a customized session for you. 

First time clients get $10 off sessions that total up to $55 and $20 off any sessions that total above $55.  I regularly offer specials and discount programs.  Please call and check what the current specials are.

Here is the standard pricing for different types of Bodywork I offer.  I charge based on full 15 increments used.  For all my wonderful long time clients, please call me for any concerns over new pricing. 



Somatics:  Using gentle movements in combination with guided resistance and appropriate massage you will unlock stiff, overworked muscles and their holding patterns that contribute to chronic tightness and discomfort.  In the process you will become more aware how your body functions which results in healthier habits for posture and body mechanics.  Because of time limit, 1/2 hour sessions may concentrate on a target area only.  1/2 hour sessions are also good for more concise follow-ups and training to fine-tune your technique.  NOTE:  CLOTHING REQUIRED. Please wear comfortable loose or stretchy clothing to session which will move easily and keep you modestly covered and warm while doing movements.

             30 minutes                $    45.00
             60 minutes                $    90.00
             90 minutes                $  135.00
           120 minutes                $  180.00
    15 minutes extra                $    22.50


MACSL:  I specialize in MACSL which stands for Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Spots Lymphatic. Techniques based on Advanced Circulatory and Sports Massage plus Lymphatic principles come together in a potent combination that can greatly improve lymph function, support immune system, and increase oxygen to tissue. With regular treatment, many people find that chronic body aches improve and they start actually detoxifying through their skin during session.  NOTE: Always allow for an extra 15 - 30 minutes so that treatment can be properly finished and you get the most benefit possible.

Bodywork:  Based on goals you can have a customized session using one massage style or do a combination massage that draws from Circulatory, Sports, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Movement Therapy, Shiatsu principles and any other technique that I have become certified in.

Reflexology:  Reflexology is an ancient therapy that works with the body's own healing mechanism by accessing reflex points on the feet, hands, ears, face, and even the tongue.Reflex points are nerve endings that correspond to different parts of the body, including organs and glands.Stimulating these reflex points therapeutically can unblock nerve impulse pathways to various parts of the body thereby helping it function more efficiently. Enjoy a relaxing foot massage that will ease away the tension from daily stress, a more invigorating therapeutic treatment for healing stimulation, or a combination of both.

Pregnancy Massage:  Assist yourself and your baby throughout the pregnancy with calm massage which helps both of you. Especially tailored for the mother's needs during this exciting and special time, you and your baby are safely supported using soft pillows. Calming strokes and reflexology are used to safely assist your changing body and growing baby.  NOTE:  Appointments must be made at least a day in advance and a doctor's permission slip for you to receive massage while pregnant may be required before any massage is given.  Failure to do so may result in you having to rebook appointment and a rebooking fee may apply.

             30 minutes                $    55.00
             60 minutes                $  110.00
             90 minutes                $  165.00
           120 minutes                $  220.00
    15 extra minutes                $    27.50


Infant Massage Instruction:  Continue your new baby's healthy start after birth with Infant Massage Instruction. Learn how to give your baby an enjoyable massage and enhance the bonding experience. This is great for Dads to learn as well as Mothers. Do it together as a couple!  NOTE:Must book at least a day ahead of time. Call Karin at 949-443-9268 for additional information regarding this service.

              30 minutes               $    40.00
              60 minutes               $    80.00
              90 minutes               $  120.00
            120 minutes               $  220.00
     15 extra minutes               $    20.00


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You can always call with any questions. 949-443-9749