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You may contact me directly by the following means.  Please note I DO NOT check my email every day so feel free to call if I do not respond quick enough for you:
Toll Free:   1 (844) 489-4400
      Phone:      1 (949) 443-9268
      Fax:           1 (949) 443-1271
      Email:        karin@massagetherapy.com or fill in contact form below

Please call for current locations I work from near Dana Point:
Please note for locations listed below, please DO NOT call them directly to book as my massage client.  Please call me directly for that.  Number is here in case you want information about other services they provide.  Also you may call them if you are having difficulty finding the location and you are not able to get a hold of me directly.  NOTE:  If you have been a client at these locations in the past before ever being a client of mine, please look at the Hours, Scheduling & Policies page or the Disclosures & Booking Online Tips page for my policy regarding this under Working on Clients of Locations I Rent From.

For MACSL Lymphatic Massage:
Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy

Located in Spanish Village business complex
2340 S. El Camino Real, Ste. 9
San Clemente, CA 92672
Direct Line: (949) 369-1029
**You can get MACSL work here by advanced skilled therapists when I am not available for it.  They also have a very good reflexologist that is available by appointment and a skin care practitioner.  I try to work out of this place mostly when I am doing my Advanced Circulatory (MACSL) work which targets the lymphatic system.  Working here allows me to accrue time I can count toward my practical hours as part of my ongoing training in this exciting modality.  However, I am not a regular renter at this location so working here is contingent on a table being available and is therefore scheduled at location on a session by session basis.  One plus for the client receiving treatment at this location is a possible opportunity to have my work analyzed by owner Sylvia Mizokami.  She was instrumental in developing this technique which includes her name:  MACSL stands for Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Lymphatic.  If available and depending on health issues client has, Sylvia's input can by invaluable to make sure you are getting the most out of your session.  Due to her rigorous work schedule, however, consultation with Sylvia may be extremely limited and is not guaranteed for any particular session.


DIRECTIONS:  Note I do not have a map link for this location on this website.  Please copy and paste address into your favorite map application.

  • From 5 Fwy South:  If traveling south on the 5, take El Camino Real exit.  Keep left at the fork on the ramp.  Turn left on South El Camino Real.  Go for about half a mile.  Watch for East Avenida San Gabriel going to your left.  After going through San Gabriel look out for a liquor store on your right.  Immediately after liquor store is the Spanish Village business complex.  Driveway to back where there is parking is immediately after building just before driveway to senior living housing and the 76 Union gas station.   If you pass the 76 gas station on on ramp for 5 north you went too far.
  • From 5 Fwy North:  If traveling north on the 5, take exit 73 toward Ave Magdalena, turn left on South El Camino Real.  Driveway to parking behind Spanish Village business complex is on your left a couple hundred feet directly after 76 Union Gas Station and entrance to a senior living housing.

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